Iceland’s Artists and Sagas (Interactive)

Bustling earth, hot fountains, steep cliff lines and gentle spring meadows, icy, dark days of winter and long summer nights – Iceland is a country of extremes. Yet the island is not just a geological, but also a creative hotspot. The web documentary Iceland’s Artists and Sagas is part of a cross media project and makes the country and its bustling creative life a real experience.

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  • - Island’s Artists and Sagas (Interactive) online

    We are pleased to announce that our interactive web format “Island’s Artists and Sagas” is online!

    We are pleased to announce that our interactive web format "Island's Artists and Sagas" is online!

    Iceland's Artists and Sagas

Iceland’s Artists and Sagas (Interactive)

The courage to go beyond ones horizons and the confidence that new and assortative trends rise from chaos, irrational behaviour and from trespassing cognition, are indispensable for evolving creativity. Creativity is a leap in the dark.

Iceland’s Artists and Sagas offers an intuitive and interactive access to the creative and cultural landscape of Iceland. The multimedia expedition takes on the themes of CHAOS, ISOLATION, HERITAGE, INTUITION, COURAGE, INSPIRATION, HOMELAND and LONGING and leads to Icelandic artists and their distinctive relation to the volcanic insular state.
Eight selected abstracts of the famous Grettis Saga represent the Sagas of Icelanders as cultural heritage, creating an authentic scheme that pictures Iceland’s cultural present.

Lena Thiele
Webdesign and Programming:
Jens-Uwe Grau
Birgit Gudjonsdottir, Helga Brekkan
Christian R. Timmann
Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Valdimar Jóhansson, Simon Schmidt
Annette Brüggemann, Judith Fächner
Based on the Documentary "Island's Artists and Sagas"
Ein Film von Helga Brekkan
Sonja Schmidt
Executive Producer:
Christian Beetz
Editorial Department:
Kathrin Brinkmann (ZDF/ARTE),
Dr. Thomas Martin Salb (ARTE Deutschland)
Thomas J. Weiss (ARTE Deutschland)
Thanks to:
Andreas Vollmer, S. Fischer Verlag
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