1968 – The Global Revolt

An emotional journey to the year that changed our history and set the ground for today’s globalization and modern society

• A multi-layered, global perspective on the period of 1968 – Western and Eastern Europe, USA, South America, Asia, Middle East, Africa
• Covering the relevant topics from civil rights and student protests, Cold War, economy and technology, to pop culture, free love and religion
• Covering the major historical events of the period 1967 to 1969
• Told in a subjective, emotional way through eye witnesses, and iconic family stories
• Told from today’s perspective, questioning whether the 1968 generation really changed the world


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    “1968 – The Awakening” just won the Archive Award by Sonuma – Les archives audiovisuelles at Sunny Side of the Doc History Pitch! On [...]

    "1968 - The Awakening" just won the Archive Award by Sonuma - Les archives audiovisuelles at Sunny Side of the Doc History Pitch! On stage our producer Zora Nessl together with our coproducers Olivier Mille, Kristian Mosvold and Fernando De Souza Dias.

1968 – The Global Revolt

In 2018 we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the most discussed historical events of the 20th century: the cultural and political revolution of 1968. The time frame of the two-piece series covers the period from the US entry into the Vietnam War up to the withdrawal of American troops in 1975.

For the first time we will also take a close look at the global shock wave, caused by the US entry into the war, from a variety of national perspectives – leading to an overall picture of the 68-movement: From the US to Vietnam, from Japan to Germany, Brazil, France, Mexico, China and the Congo. Despite national differences the movements were united in a common protest culture that touched upon all life areas: flower power, music and drugs were part of the protest as well as peaceful demonstrations, brutal violence and counter violence.

The series examines this era of protest from the perspective of three generations – for instance contemporary witnesses such as Dilma Roussef (former president of Brazil and underground fighter against military regime in the 1960s), Antonio Negri (one of the most important theorists of the radical left) or Greil Marcus (an US journalist who reflects the protests from a pop-cultural perspective). The kids of 68 too get a chance to speak: for instance the German philosopher Richard David Precht or the US feminist and philosopher Judith Butler, who was born in 1956.

The grandchildren of the 68 activists have found their own forms of protest and rate the achievements of the 68-movement in a non-nostalgic way: Susanne Neubronner, Greenpeace speaker Germany, Janaya Khan, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement in Canada and Aki Okuda, who leads a new generation of protesting youngsters in Japan. All of them tell the story of 1968 from their own local and national perspectives and thereby draw a detailed picture of a global protest spirit that spread all over the world – also thanks to television as the new means of mass communication.




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